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Mr Mohammad Abu Hilal
My name is Mohammad Abu Hilal. I am a 44 year old Consultant Surgeon and Honorary Associated Professor at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust. I am a general surgeon specialising in liver, pancreatic and biliary surgery. I have a special interest in laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery and I have a large experience in Keyhole surgery for the liver and the pancreas. I am one of the national and international leaders in this field and I represented the UK in the latest consensus meeting on laparoscopic liver surgery, held in japan in 2014. I am regularly invited give lectures about Keyhole surgery of the liver and pancreatic surgery in national and international meetings and I have often demonstrated surgical techniques via live link surgery from my hospitals and other European and International centres. Hepatobiliary pancreatic (HPB) surgery, is a complex surgical sub speciality and only a few centres in the UK can provide such a specialist service. In this website you will find generic information that hopefully answers many of your questions regarding a surgical approach to the variety of HPB medical conditions. However, the website is not an attempt to replace a personal consultation to gain a specialist opinion. My personal philosophy is that every case should be fully and carefully evaluated on its own merits. In complex cases, the right management plan should be decided after consultation between the consultant and a team of clinicians from a variety of fields, including, Radiology, Oncology, Histopathology, Surgery and Gastroenterology called multi-disciplinary team (MDT). This approach is essential to ensure a careful evaluation of the case and a correct diagnosis and management plane. Welcome again and I hope you will have clear explanations to address your doubts and answer all your questions.


My Surgical Procedures

This is a list of the surgical procedures I perform and the clinical conditions I manage


  • General surgery
  • Abdominal emergencies
  • Biliary Surgery
  • Pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic Surgery
  • Liver Surgery
  • Multivisceral Resections


This website does not attempt to cover every topic related to upper abdominal disease in detail, however it does give enough information to help individuals understand the basic issues around common or serious conditions in this field. The website contains the views of the authors with regard to management of the conditions described, as with almost all illnesses it is possible to find a second opinion that will differ from that outlined here. However our views are on the whole considered acceptable to the mainstream of current UK clinicians within our specialist fields on any given theme and can usually be supported by evidence from clinical trials or audit. As a group we believe in evidence based medicine and try to achieve best practice by auditing our performance and comparing our results with national standards. Where possible we will publish our outcome and performance data on this website.


Every patient is a different individual and each person and their disease must be assessed and managed on their own merits. This web site provides a general guide to principles of management of a wide range of conditions, however the treatment of any one person may be modified according to other factors such as their general health, age and social factors in order to provide the best care that we can for that particular patient.


Hospital details and Links

I work in the Southampton area and I have offices at Southampton General Hospital and the SPIRE hospital Southampton (formerly known as the BUPA hospital, Chaleybeate close Southampton).


  • Southampton General Hospital


    Tremona Road, Southampton, SO16 6YD Southampton General Hospital Website

    This is part of the Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust. SGH is a 1300 bed hospital providing routine and emergency medical services to a local population of approximately 500,000 people. The hospital is a designated regional cancer centre and provides a wide range of specialist services not usually found in smaller district general hospitals including neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and upper abdominal cancer surgery (liver, pancreas and biliary cancers). It is anticipated that the trust will apply for NHS Foundation Trust status within the next two years. The general surgical department is a 130 bed unit comprising six wards and the surgical high dependency unit.

  • Ward E8


    E8 us the dedicated HPB surgical ward, where we manage most of our patients having major upper abdominal surgery. This is a well motivated ward with excellent levels of specialist skills and experience among the nursing staff. The nurses and doctors on the upper GI unit work as a close team with a high level of senior, nursing and surgical input for patients requiring specialist care.

  • Operating Theatres


    We have 130 main theatre operating lists per year between us all of which are dedicated to the treatment of liver, biliary and pancreatic disease. We also have regular day case lists for intermediate level surgery (e.g. hernia repair, gallbladder surgery)

  • The SPIRE Hospital (formely known as BUPA hospital), Southampton


    Is the largest purpose built private hospital in the south of England outside London, it has a 100 bed inpatient unit as well as extensive diagnostic suites and outpatient facilities. It is the only private hospital in the region to benefit from full level 3 intensive care facilities allowing it to cope with major cardiac and upper abdominal cancer surgery. We regularly perform major liver, pancreatic and biliary surgery at this excellent centre, which has been equipped with all the facilities required for the pioneering advanced keyhole surgery which we perform as well as conventional open surgery.
    Spire Hospital Website

  • The Wessex Nuffield Hospital


    This is a sixty bed private hospital catering for a wide range of surgical cases. We use it predominantly for outpatient investigations and intermediate level surgery. It has a very well equipped high dependency unit, with highly qualified staff and facilities for major abdominal surgery when required. The hospital also benefits from an extremely well equipped radiological diagnostic unit with permanent on site CT and MRI scanning facilities.